"Time to Kill"Edit

Several months ago, a team of scientists involved in Project Yesterday, working for the government in examining a crashed satellite which appears to have created a temporal anomaly, were slaughtered by the assassin Cheshire, who suddenly burst through the anomaly. Then a couple of weeks ago, a runestone was discovered which indicated that the Vikings were present in ancient America, a theory long supported by Professor Orenstein.

Now, Black Canary gets the grand tour of Oracle's apartment, and the two women get to know each other better face to face. Canary also learns that she has worked with Oracle before, back when she was still Batgirl. The two discuss life, love and Chinese takeaway, also foiling a hapless mugger who chooses the wrong pair of women to pick on - he winds up without either his gun or his trousers.

Back at Project Yesterday, some confused Vikings also burst through the time anomaly, and officials begin to get concerned, not wanting Cheshire and the Ravens' presence in the past to have a negative impact. They suggest sending in a paramilitary team, but Orenstein has a better idea, showing them a picture of the runestone that was discovered, which includes a depiction of Black Canary. She is then sent for and discovered just as she and Babs make their way to her apartment for dinner.


"Time to Kill"Edit