"Valhalla, Baby!"Edit

Black Canary has travelled into the past, to the time before the Europeans settled America, with a squad of soldiers, to try and retrieve Cheshire and her fellow mercenaries. They come under attack from Huroni Indians - all the soldiers are killed, but Canary is able to escape, the Huroni do not seem interested in her. She then comes under attack from some Vikings, but they do not wish to kill her either: their leader Jon Haraldson even seems quite friendly. He takes her back to their camp, where she encounters the Ravens, who would kill her if it wasn't for the fact that she might be able to get them back to the twentieth century. It doesn't take long for her to realise that both she and Cheshire have fallen for Haraldson.

In the present, Oracle works with Professor Orenstein to understand the mechanics of the strange time-travel phenomenon attached to the crashed satellite, and to coordinate the operation. As Canary, the Vikings and the Ravens wait for a signal from Oracle and S.T.A.R. Labs, their camp comes under attack from the Huroni.


"Valhalla, Baby!"Edit