"Time and Time and Time Again"Edit

Having tracked the Ravens down to a Viking encampment in the dim and distant past, Black Canary finds that herself and her companions are under attack from the Huroni. She is in a race against time, as she must return to the present with the Ravens only when Oracle can get a signal to her from 'the future'. Oracle's efforts are slow and difficult, as she first makes contact with a world war two fighter pilot.

Unfortunately for Black Canary, Cheshire, leader of the mercenary Ravens, overhears her discussing her plans with Jon Haraldson of the Vikings. These plans involve leaving Cheshire in the past to prevent the bloodbath when she arrived in the present. Cheshire shoots at Canary just as Oracle's signal is beginning to come through. Jon intercepts the bullet but is unable to prevent her from escaping. The other two Ravens also depart just before the signal is at its strongest. Canary promises to avenge Jon if she can and returns to the present, where she discovers that Cheshire's arrival is unchanged and that the other two have not yet returned.

Some weeks later, Professor Orenstein invites her to see a newly-discovered artefact, which shows that Haraldson survived the bullet wound to be commemorated in stone. Apparently, 'his heart mourned for a love lost to time.'


"Time and Time and Time Again"Edit