"The Courtship"Edit

Black Canary continues her romance with the Count, still blissfully unaware of his true identity, and is somewhat surprised when he proposes. More importantly, she is angered when he suggests that he bear her a son, as she is barren. She is particularly insulted when he says he can make her 'whole again'. Talia is not impressed by his words either, feeling that he is betraying her, ignoring her lifelong devotion in his need to have a male heir. The Count then tells Dinah that he has means of reversing the condition that prevents her from having children, which sets her pondering. He then reassures Talia that she could never be replaced. The two of them then set out to inspect the closest of his Lazarus Pits ready for the next day.

They are soon followed by Dinah, who realises almost immediately that her lover really is Ra's al Ghul after all. She is found observing activities by Ubu and disappoints al Ghul when she says that knowing who he is she would never consider marrying him. In which case, al Ghul says, she will just have to die. Elsewhere, Oracle has discovered al Ghul's current whereabouts and contacts a number of her operatives to effect a rescue.


"The Courtship"Edit


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