Ra's al Ghul offers Dinah a choice - join him as the bride of the demon, or die at his hand. When she refuses to join him, he decides not to accept this and prepares to baptise her in his Lazarus pit regardless. Meanwhile, Oracle and her allies prepare for their rescue mission.

When Ra's' fortress comes under attack from Oracle's forces, he changes his plans once more - he and Talia will escape, and Ubu is to 'dispose of' Dinah. As this is happening, Blue Beetle and Oracle lower themselves into the fray behind enemy lines. Dinah doesn't fare very well in her fight against Ubu and is on the point of death when her tormentor is taken out by a seeming act of God as the structure shakes. At that moment, Beetle and Oracle arrive on the scene. She is beyond the help of medical science, and it seems obvious to Oracle that they should place her in the pit to heal her injuries. She suggests that Oracle use it in order to be able to walk once more, but Oracle orders Beetle to place Dinah in the Lazarus pit. Oracle is prepared to cope with the temporarily insane Dinah who will emerge, but forgot that the pit heals ALL injuries - Dinah emerges from the chemicals with her canary cry restored.