"The Shout"Edit

Black Canary rises from the Lazarus Pit with her canary cry power back at full strength, deafening everyone in the vicinity. Affected with a temporary madness she attacks her friends, who have to knock her out and carry her away as the building is in danger of collapse. Militia destroys what he thinks is al Ghul's escape craft, but he and Talia escape unobserved by submarine. Blue Beetle learns that Power Girl and Oracle have a history.

A week later, with Canary not having been on any missions, she suddenly realises what Oracle gave up by putting her in the pit and realises that she hasn't thanked her for saving her life. Meanwhile Mister Quam of Rhee Industries is not best pleased when Ted Kord turns down his offer to buy out his company. He despatches an assassin to force the issue.


"The Shout"Edit