"Canary Caged"Edit

Black Canary is trapped inside Slabside Penitentiary along with a host of villains infected by the Joker, making them even more crazed than ever. Her sonic cry is able to give most of them pause, but Joker sends Copperhead and Hellgrammite after her, as neither have ears. After dealing with them, she is briefly confronted by the Shadow Thief before meeting, to her great relief, Batman, Superman and Mary Marvel. However, she soon spots that Marvel's lightning bolt is backwards, and the heroes are revealed to be an illusion created by Spellbinder, the first of the female villains affected by the Joker. Much later, Canary is comforted by Blue Beetle and Oracle - even though she was sucker-punched by Spellbinder, she did later warn Nightwing and Batman of the Joker's wider-reaching plans, effectively saving their lives.


"Canary Caged"Edit