"Red, Black and Blue"Edit

Blue Beetle, Black Canary and Robin pursue Jokerised escapee G-nome, taking him/it out more quickly than expected. They then set out in pursuit of the Condiment King, a little known villain last seen when defeated many years ago by the original Robin and Batgirl. When they catch up with him, however, they find that he's become somewhat more dangerous than then, his condiments able to cause serious injury for those unlucky enough to come into contact with them, including deadly anaphylactic shock. And he plans to set off a huge mustard bomb which will cause much devastation.

Blue Beetle comes to the rescue with a convenient barrel of milk, which is able to neutralise spicy foods quickly; he also uses his Bug to get the mustard bomb to safety before it explodes. Meanwhile, Oracle tries to get through to Dick, but he continues to act in a hostile manner, thinking no-one else can understand what he's going through.


"Red, Black and Blue"Edit