"The Gun"
Birds of Prey 40c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Issue Number: 40
First Published: April 2002
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #39
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #41


"The Gun"Edit

Black Canary and Spoiler deliver the evidence about Vesper Fairchild's investigation into Batman to Oracle, and Ted Kord informs her of his dangerous heart condition. At his office, Kord discovers a robotic bug called Charles. At the watchtower, meanwhile, Robin and Oracle wonder if Bruce might have killed Vesper to protect the secret of his double life, or if one of Batman's enemies killed her in order to gain this secret. And in the Gotham suburbs, Black Canary drives Cluemaster and his criminal friends out of Spoiler's house, earning yet more admiration from the younger hero. Kord discovers that the bug is a 'gift' from business rival Mr Quam, who wants to take over his business. When he refuses, the bug explodes. And as Oracle and Robin further investigate Bruce Wayne's purchase of a gun, they hear news that Wayne has escaped from custody. Robin and Nightwing make their way to the Batcave with all speed.


"The Gun"Edit



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