"Busman's Holiday"
Birds of Prey 50c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Issue Number: 50
First Published: February 2003
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #49
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #51


"Busman's Holiday"Edit

After taking down a group of art thieves, including one named Danko Twag, Black Canary goes on vacation, but is soon interrupted by the arrival of Java, who seems to think that all blondes he encounters are Sapphire Stagg. She shakes him out of this delusion, but he kidnaps her nonetheless, so that she can help save Sapphire, who was injured in an explosion at Simon Stagg's lab. Meanwhile, Danko Twag somehow manages to get in to Oracle's Clocktower apartment.


"Busman's Holiday"Edit



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