"Of Like Minds, Part 2"
Birds of Prey 57c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Of Like Minds
Issue Number: 57
First Published: September 2003
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #56
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #58


"Of Like Minds, Part 2"Edit

Black Canary has been captured by Savant, a strongman and computer genius who is using her to get to Oracle, so that he can discover Batman's secret identity. Oracle contacts Huntress to help rescue Canary, knowing that if she has been attacked and hurt, she's not going to want to be rescued by a man in a mask. As Canary, even without the use of her scream and with injured legs, works on escaping, Huntress foils a kidnapping and agrees to help Oracle.


"Of Like Minds, Part 2"Edit





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