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"Of Like Minds, Part 3"
Birds of Prey 58c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Of Like Minds
Issue Number: 58
First Published: October 2003
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #57
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #59


"Of Like Minds, Part 3"Edit

Savant continues to pressure Oracle for Batman's secret identity, using Black Canary's life as a bargaining chip. Black Canary works through the pain to free herself from her restraints, breaking bones in one hand to do so. And the Hutnress speeds towards the place where Black Canary is being held, aided by information Canary is able to relay to Oracle when Andrew Fisher gives her the transmitter she uses to communicate with her. Just as Black Canary confronts Savant, Huntress arrives and does battle with Savant's sidekick, Creote.


"Of Like Minds, Part 3"Edit




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