"Sensei & Student, Part Three: Mercy & Murder"Edit

Black Canary and Lady Shiva accompany Cheshire to her house-boat, where she says she has the evidence necessary to prove that Senator Pullman ordered their sensei's death. Here they are attacked by the Tung Sing gang, and Cheshire's house-boat explodes soon after they get off it. Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon is being quizzed by her captors, who have held her as one of the ten women they suspect may be Oracle. Senator Pullman is overseeing the agents, and has Savant at his side. Back in Hong Kong, Cheshire reveals that she uploaded her data to a location in Gotham City and insists she be taken there. Whilst on the flight, Shiva offers Canary the opportunity to become her apprentice. And in Gotham, the Huntress breaks in to Oracle's clocktower.


"Sensei & Student, Part Three: Mercy & Murder"Edit