"Sensei & Student, Part Five: Murder & Mystery"
Birds of Prey 66c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Sensei and Student
Issue Number: 66
First Published: May 2004
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #65
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #67


"Sensei & Student, Part Five: Murder & Mystery"Edit

Black Canary turns to some of her mother's case files as she feels her current difficulties, caused by Senator Pullman it seems, have something to do with an old grudge between Pullman and her mother. She reads about the case of 'the Blonde Slasher' who killed blonde women (making them blonde if necessary), a case where her mother was helped greatly by a librarian. The killer got away but stopped killing. While reading the file, Canary makes a connection between a phrase of the killer and something said to her recently and realises that the Blonde Slasher is none other than Senator Pullman's father.


"Sensei & Student, Part Five: Murder & Mystery"Edit



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