"Sensei & Student, Part Six: Faith & Finality"Edit

Black Canary and a group of her allies break into the facility where Oracle is being held, while Oracle organises Huntress and Savant (with whom she has struck a deal) from the inside. Cheshire has also arrived on the scene, determined to punish her father, Senator Pullman, for his misdeeds. Oracle gets some damaging footage of the Senator while Black Canary saves him from Cheshire, and Cheshire from Shiva. Oracle also offers Huntress a place as one of her full-time agents, an offer Huntress accepts. With the arrest of Senator Pullman, several evils will be ended, as he agrees to testify against his father, formerly the serial killer known as the Blonde Slasher and now terrorising women through computers with the unwitting help of the Senator's son. Later, Canary and Shiva attend their sensei's funeral. Here, Canary tells Shiva that she cannot be her apprentice, but Shiva promises the question will arise again in the future.


"Sensei & Student, Part Six: Faith & Finality"Edit