"Between Dark and Dawn, Part One"
Birds of Prey 69c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Between Dark and Dawn
Issue Number: 69
First Published: September 2004
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #68
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #70


"Between Dark and Dawn, Part One"Edit

When several teenagers are found dead in apparent suicides, wearing the costumes of deceased super-heroes, Oracle decides to investigate and finds herself drawn towards an Oregon-based cult called Second Heaven. She sends Huntress to investigate and she soon finds herself 'kidnapped' but the cult and 'exposed' as an udnercover reporter. The people there are not very friendly, but luckily she has backup in the form of Vixen. Unfortunately, Vixen appears already to have fallen under the cult leader's spell.


"Between Dark and Dawn, Part One"Edit



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