"Between Dark and Dawn, Part Two: Huntress/Prey"Edit

Oracle sets Savant and Creote up with an apartment in a run-down area of Gotham, where they are expected to clean things up, paying particular attention to the operations of drug baron Tom Paul Jussub. Black Canary is sceptical about this plan. Meanwhile, Huntress finds herself fighting Vixen, who is in the thrall of cult leader Sovereign Brusaw. She shoots Vixen in the leg and does some investigating, coming across a number of meta-humans and other crime-fighters attached to machines which appear to be exchanging their blood for some other fluid. She also finds an outlet for Oracle to hack into the cult's computers, but Oracle comes up against some sort of malign presence which attacks her via her own computer. And Vixen is ordered to tear out Huntress' throat.


"Between Dark and Dawn, Part Two: Huntress/Prey"Edit