"Between Dark and Dawn, Part Four: Material Girl"
Birds of Prey 72c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Between Dark and Dawn
Issue Number: 72
First Published: October 2004
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #71
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #73


"Between Dark and Dawn, Part Four: Material Girl"Edit

Oracle tells Black Canary that a young man is about to kill himself a few blocks away, and only she can help him. Canary doesn't know how Oracle knows this, but rushes to the rescue nonetheless, while Oracle confronts the digital Brainiac. As Canary saves the kid, Huntress and Vixen find themselves fighting first the children of the Second Heaven cult, and then the various meta-humans under Sovereign Brusaw's command, most of them former allies. This cult apparently reveres super-heroes, believing them to be angels. Brainiac wants Oracle to be his mother, and as Brusaw finds himself deserted by his 'lord', Brainiac, he plans to have all his acolytes commit suicide on his command.


"Between Dark and Dawn, Part Four: Material Girl"Edit



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