"Hero Hunters, Part Two: Harvest"Edit

The Birds come to Peo Ridge, Kansas, where there have been a spate of nine deaths. Nine people who have links with previous homicides have turned up dead with completely desiccated corpses. Black Canary and Huntress have a simple mission in this small town - get noticed and get arrested. Accompanied by Lady Blackhawk, they head for the local bar, where mention of the supposed perpetrator of the killings, Harvest, is enough to get them into trouble, particularly with Canary's chosen dance partner, the local sheriff. Lady Blackhawk, who manages to stay out of the fight that ensues, learns that Harvest has to be called by the light of the moon, then she will kill someone who has killed and got away free. As they flee the bar, Canary and Huntress head into a corn field, where they meet Harvest, a woman who looks like a scarecrow. She can sense the taint of death on both of them, and warns them to leave, but seconds later it is too late, as someone has called her. They now have one minute to decide which one of them she will take.


"Hero Hunters, Part Two: Harvest"Edit