"Hero Hunters, Part Three: Moondance"Edit

Black Canary and Hutnress face Harvest, a powerful woman who has left a string of desiccated corpses behind her. She weakens Canary, who ages at least twenty years, but Lady Blackhawk is able to drive her away. Canary realises that Harvest stole a very specific fighting move from her as well as her life energy, and Lady Blackhawk has some additional information - Harvest doesn't just drain energy, but passes it on to those more in need of it, particularly sick children. Knowing that the town sheriff has a sick baby daughter, they assume that he is responsible for summoning Harvest and seek him out. They discover that Harvest is what remains of a girl who was pinned down with railroad spikes to be raped, and they also discover that the sheriff didn't call her. Canary is able to overwhelm Harvest by unleashing the full force of her cry, and after the vigilante flees, Huntress gives the sheriff a contact that will allow the medical bills for his girl to be paid. It was his deputy that summoned Harvest, who is far from dead - one week later, a desiccated corpse appears in the Dodorgne, France.


"Hero Hunters, Part Three: Moondance"Edit