"Hero Hunters, Part Four: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane"
Birds of Prey 79c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
The Battle Within
Issue Number: 79
First Published: April 2005
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #78
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #80


"Hero Hunters, Part Four: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane"Edit

Black Canary, Lady Blackhawk and Huntress are all in Gotham, though Oracle prefers to stay away. Black Canary speaks with Baman, asking her to give Huntress another chance and to apologise to Oracle for his recent actions - he says he'll consider it. Meanwhile, Hutnress is loving her part-time teaching job, and Lady Blackhawk tries to locate Savant - she discovers that he is missing, but Creote is continuing the work that Oracle gave Savant to do. The Birds' next mission is in Metropolis, where a vigilante called the Thorn is trying to end the reign of the criminal family the 100. They find a very disturbed woman, but Canary realises that Thorn is not responsible for the deaths they know about - she uses a completely different blade to that used by the real killer. Thorn speeds away on a motorcycle, and before they can catch up with her, she is shot.


"Hero Hunters, Part Four: She Rides the Eye of a Hurricane"Edit



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