"Hero Hunters, Part Finale: The Cold Light of Day"Edit

Thorn is being treated at a Metropolis hospital for gunshot wounds, wounds given her by a Metropolis police officer, so Black Canary and Huntress guard the officers guarding Thorn. They encounter John Mercado, one of Thorn's allies on the police force and an enemy of the 100, but this encounter allows some of the rotten officers to spirit Thorn away. Meanwhile, Oracle discovers an unknown, dangerous entity within her virtual data sources. Canary, Huntress and Mercado trail the officers and apprehend them, but Thorn gets away. Mercado soon has sufficient evidence to bring in Mr Quincy, the real murdered of the mercenary Deadlock, and the killer of Rose/Thorn's parents. At the end of the mission, Huntress reveals that she has realised how much she does not want to become like the vigilantes they've faced, but when Canary tells her how her first mission with Oracle addressed some of her psychological needs, Huntress makes a realisation. Oracle is manipulating them - benevolently, yes, but it's still manipulation - in a manner similar to Batman, trying to 'fix' the lives of otherwise broken heroines. She is disgusted and leaves immediately, without trace.


"Hero Hunters, Part Finale: The Cold Light of Day"Edit