"The Battle Within, Part Two: The Long Count"
Birds of Prey 82c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
The Battle Within
Issue Number: 82
First Published: July 2005
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #81
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #83


"The Battle Within, Part Two: The Long Count"Edit

In Gotham City, Huntress (with the help of Savant, Creote and Josh) blackmails Don Sigiorello into allowing her a week to prove herself as the new head of the Gotham mob. Meanwhile, Booster Gold contacts Oracle to ask for her help in tracing Blue Beetle who has been missing for some time, and Black Canary is able to prevail upon the Silk Brothers' sense of honour and respect to avoid having to kill Detective Lim. She persuades Rabbit to duel with her, a duel that is relatively evenly-matched, but is interrupted by Mr Tan, who sees it as a 'repulsive display'.


"The Battle Within, Part Two: The Long Count"Edit



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