"The Battle Within, Part Three: A Fighter By His Trade"
Birds of Prey 83c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
The Battle Within
The OMAC Project
Issue Number: 83
First Published: August 2005
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #82
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #84


"The Battle Within, Part Three: A Fighter By His Trade"Edit

Huntress continues her operations with the Gotham mob, destabilising them by encouraging desertion and dissention in the ranks. Meanwhile, as Oracle continues to search for Blue Beetle, her illness overcomes her, which incidentally serves to make her less of a problem in the eyes of the OMACs. In Singapore, Black Canary and Wildcat conclude their drugs deal, which is intended to sting both the supplier, Mr Tan, and his customers, who include Don Sigiorello in Gotham City. When they hear of Oracle's condition, they make good their exit, although this is complicated by Anthony Yeoh, who supposedly works for Tan, planting a package of cocaine in their vehicle. As the Birds escape Singapore, Huntress encounters 'Crutches', a new mob enforcer in Gotham, and is surprised to see that she recognises him as Nightwing.


"The Battle Within, Part Three: A Fighter By His Trade"Edit



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