Birds of Prey 84c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
The Battle Within
Issue Number: 84
First Published: September 2005
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #83
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #85



Huntress learns that Nightwing is also working inside the mob, and the two agree to keep each other informed where possible. Meanwhile, Mr Tan is informed of Black Canary and Wildcat's double-cross and decides to sell the drugs to someone else - Don Sigiorello. Oracle visits Huntress to 'set affairs in order', apologising for the way she treated her, and she is then taken to the JSA headquarters, where she is examined by Doctor Mid-Nite. He sees the Brainiac disease as a living tumour inside her body, and says he must operate, preferably with the help of Superman and Cyborg. Various others, including Batman, wish her well, but she soon discovers that their drugs sting has been compromised. Black Canary promises that Tan's drugs will not reach the mob. As they are being guarded by the Silk Brothers, she calls in some help.





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