"A New Morning's Resolution"Edit

As Doctor Mid-Nite and a team of specialists operate on Oracle, Black Canary faces the Silk Brothers alongside a number of allies skilled in various fighting arts - Wildcat, Huntress, Savant, Creote, Connor Hawke and Richard Dragon - while Josh and Lady Blackhawk ensure that the shipment of drugs they brought to Gotham is destroyed. After the drugs ae destroyed, the Silk Brothers agree to a draw. Black Canary and Huntress rush to the JSA headquarters in New York, where they are delighted to see that Oracle has recovered from her operation. Meanwhile in Singapore, Mr Tan learns of the failure of hhe drugs shipment. He kills the traitor Anthony Yeoh, and tells his nurse to switch off his respirator, as his business is in ruins. Back in New York, Oracle achieves something she hasn't achieved in years - she moves her toes.


"A New Morning's Resolution"Edit