"A Wakeful Time"Edit

Recovering from her operation, Barbara 'Oracle' Gordon moves into a new home in Metropolis, Dalten Tower, taking over the top few floors for herself, Lady Blackhawk and potentially others. Black Canary organises a housewarming party attended by a number of Barbara's friends and associates; afterwards, Lady Blackhawk presents a 'gift', Aerie Two, a helicopter equipped with much of the same stealth technology as Aerie One. She also produces 'Birds of Prey' jackets, figuring that the team may as well have an official name. She offers one to Huntress, but she declines. Later that night, Black Canary foils the Prankster's latest scheme. And some time later, Huntress moves further up the chain of command in the Gotham mob and agrees to take the jacket - she's back on board.


"A Wakeful Time"Edit