"Perfect Pitch, Part Four"Edit

The Birds of Prey battle Deathstroke while Batman confronts Oracle about Huntress' activities stirring up the rivals to the Gotham mob. Deathstroke is, as ever, a fearsome opponent, but is eventually defeated by a combination of Black Canary's martial arts skill and Savant shooting at him with guns taken from Black Spider (who survived the fall from the window). Savant will be taken to the hospital, but he says that he quits. Later, Batman confronts Huntress and is astonished when she gives him a dossier of information on organised crime in Gotham, and reveals that she and Canary took care of all the various assassins and gangsters who were moving in on Don Sigiorello. Batman actually thanks Huntress for her work, for which Black Canary kisses him, much to everyone's astonishment. And the failure of Calculator' plan pushes him over the edge - he begins to see Oracle's face everywhere.


"Perfect Pitch, Part Four"Edit