"Progeny, Part One: Inseperable"Edit

The Crime Doctor is in trouble. He has contacted Oracle, wishing to defect from The Society, and they have sent Clayface, Killer Croc, and the Ventriloquist to stop him. Oracle sends Huntress to protect him, and she succeeds in spiriting him away with the help of Oracle's new operative, Lady Shiva, now calling herself Jade Canary. While Oracle worries over Shiva's psychotic behavior the Crime Doctor reveals a new wrinkle - his daughter has been targeted by the Society. Oracle says she has sent yet another new operative to assist Huntress and Jade Canary, and the translucent form of a woman begins to appear.

Meanwhile, in the Vietnam jungle, Black Canary is handed over in handcuffs to an old woman who insists on being called Mother. She gives Black Canary a new name, Tag, and introduces her to a life of hardship. Tag is introduced to Sin, a young girl, but is soon taken away and a bag is put over her head. Thus hobbled, she is severely beaten by the man Li and his many brothers. Mother sets Sin to watch over Tag's unconscious body, and Sin proclaims Tag to be her sister.


"Progeny, Part One: Inseperable"Edit