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"Progeny, Part Finale: A Cup of Kindness Yet"
Birds of Prey 95c
General Information
Series: Birds of Prey
Perfect Pitch
Issue Number: 95
First Published: August 2006
Previous Issue: Birds of Prey #94
Next Issue: Birds of Prey #96


"Progeny, Part Finale: A Cup of Kindness Yet"Edit

Two bearers of the same name square off. After a gruesome battle, the Birds of Prey almost manage to subdue Prometheus, but the Crime Doctor decides to kill himself, thus ensuring his own punishment, and sparing his daughter, who, alone and outcast by the other children. However, she subsequently falls prey to the ambition of Lady Shiva to have a young apprentice to mold in her image.


"Progeny, Part Finale: A Cup of Kindness Yet"Edit



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