Black Mask
General Information
Real name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Portrayed by: James Remar
Appearances: The Batman

Black Mask is a villain in the show The Batman.


He will first appear in eason 4 as a powerful crime boss, fighting BatmanRobin and Batgirl. He's send in prison by Batman, but his goons will capture him. After other fights, He escapes in a helicopter but he's stopped and send to jail. He has a sidecick, called Number One, that always finish killed (Except for Number One 3). He is later captured by Rumor.

In Season 5, he is aired by Lex uthor to capture Lois Lane along with BaneMr.Freeze and Clayface (Basil Karlo) but stopped by the duo. He also makes an alleance with Shadow to commit crimes and Batman and Hawkman must stop them.


Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

Voiced byEdit

  • James Remar (English)
  • Masanori Takeda (Japanese)
  • Thierry Murzeau (French)
  • Diego Sabre (Italian)
  • Luiz Carlos Persy (Portuguese)

Gallery Edit

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