Blackgate Prison
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General Information
Official name: Blackgate Prison
Created by: Christopher Nolan
First Appearance: The Dark Knight Rises
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
State: Gotham
Locale: Gotham City

Blackgate Prison was a maximum-security prison located on an island in the Gotham City Harbor in Uptown Gotham City. After the Dent Act it replaced Arkham Asylum as the preferred location for the city's criminals.


The Dark KnightEdit

Blackgate is mentioned several times during the course of The Dark Knight but is never seen.

The Dark Knight RisesEdit

Through the Dent Act, all key individuals with known links to the organized crime ring in Gotham City are placed in Blackgate Prison, with no chance of parole. Selina Kyle is imprisoned in Blackgate Prison following an encounter with John Blake at Gotham Airport. After Bane reveals the truth behind the circumstances of Harvey Dent's death, he uses one of the Tumblers stolen from Wayne Enterprises' Applied Science Division to destroy the entrance to Blackgate. Bane's militia then proceed to release all of the inmates who join his cause.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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