"Bob, remember, you are my number one guy."
―The Joker, imitating Carl Grissom[src]

Bob Hawkins, better known as Bob the Goon was the Joker's close and trusted friend and first lieutenant among his Goons, until he was shot by Joker himself. He had shoulder-length blond hair, chin stubble, and a scar on his left cheek. Like the Joker's other followers, he was regularly seen wearing a dark purple leather jacket adorned with Joker themed patches and sunglasses. The maximum number of joker card patches on his right shoulder indicated his top rank in the gang.


During Jack Napier's career in the mob, his most loyal enforcer and friend was Bob, who defended and protected Jack wherever he went, according to Jack. Bob was always busy trying to accommodate Napier, even in little things such as straightening the mirror or polishing the door handle of Jack's car.

A bob the goon screengrab

Bob defending Jack.

In one incident, Lt. Max Eckhardt pulled his gun on Jack, and Bob immediately went to his friend's aid, and stood close to him while he aimed his own gun at Eckhardt. Bob threatened Batman to let Jack go at Axis Chemicals with Commissioner James Gordon at gunpoint, then escaped, and called for Jack to follow.

Even after the incident that disfigured Napier and shattered his sanity, Bob still remained a steadfast Aide-de-Camp to the newly-dubbed "Joker". Bob was always dutifully present at the Joker's side, no matter what the circumstances.

Bob led the Joker's personal army of goons, and was appointed to investigate Alexander Knox to find out everything that he was trying to dig up on Batman. Before being left to this task, Joker then reminded Bob of him being his number one in a very similar manner to how Grissom told Jack Napier himself, this just prior to the failed Axis Chemicals heist.

Bob performed many chores for his friend, and was also dispatched on errands of a more personal nature, such as spying on photojournalist Vicki Vale, to whom the Joker became romantically obsessed. When Bob brought back his report on Knox, he first told Joker of Vicki Vale.

When the Joker arranged to meet Vicki at the Flugelheim Museum, Bob enjoyed himself while he vandalized the priceless paintings with a dagger, although Joker stopped him from carving up the Francis Bacon picture, Figure with Meat. Bob later brought Alicia Hunt to meet Vicki.

Batman 1989 - Vicki in a jam! - 2

Bob silencing Vicki's scream at her apartment.

After he cornered Batman in an alley, Bob fired two shots from his pistol into Batman's chest, which caused Batman to jerk, but Bob later realized that there was no blood. After he observed that Batman appeared to wear body armor, Bob, when the courage returned in his voice, ordered Batman to be unmasked. The other henchmen, however, were quickly taken down. Bob himself was then challenged by Batman, but fled the scene.

Bob met his end after Batman ruined the Joker's scheme to poison the public at Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade with Smylex. The Joker, looking for somebody to take his anger out on, asked Bob for his gun. Bob immediately obeyed, and was shot and killed. "I'm gonna need a minute or two alone, boys", Joker said in a moment of mock reflection.

Bob's personality was darkly jovial, as he was fond of laughing at his boss's morbid yet witty comments.

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  • Jack Nicholson was asked if there was anyone in particular he'd like to have fill the Bob the Goon role. Character actor Tracey Walter was his number one choice as he and Walter are close friends.
Batman 1989 - Bob fights Batman

Bob fighting Batman in a deleted scene.

  • Initially was there an alternate scene filmed in which Tracey Walter fought Michael Keaton with a knife. Producer Jon Peters was dissatisfied with how this fight turned out, and got second unit director Peter MacDonald to reshoot the scene entirely with martial artist Dave Lea playing Batman. In place of Bob, a new goon with swords was introduced played by Sken Kaewpadung. Though the scene was cut, it could still be seen in documentaries and trading cards.
  • In the Batman script, Bob was identified as Robert Hawkins. The novelization of the film confirmed that as Bob's legal name.


Bob the goon toy
  • Bob is one of the only non-superhero/supervillain characters to get an action figure. In 1989 ToyBiz released a Bob figure with a "button activated power kick!". The information card on the back of his figure card identified him as Robert "Crazy Bob" Capistrano, which creates a contradiction to the Hawkins surname identified in the novelization. In the early days of franchising, licensees sometimes created discrepancies in identifying characters and objects.
  • Some of the Joker goons in the 1989 Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MS DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum and Amiga video game adaptions of the Batman film were based off Bob, who shot at Batman. In the first level at Axis Chemicals, he was depicted wearing a trench coat, and in the final level at the Gotham Cathedral, he wore a Joker goon jacket, just like in the film (in the Amstrad CPC, GX4000, MSX, and Commodore 64 version, Bob only appeared in the Gotham Cathedral Level).
  • Bob the Goon's name was the influence behind Kevin Smith's character Silent Bob in Clerks as stated in his An Evening with Kevin Smith special.
  • "Who Mourns for Bob the Goon?" was a play developed by Joshua Young (Playwright) and Lucia Bellini (Director).  It was a black comedy that tells the story of a man who believes he's the obscure comic book character "Bob the Goon", a loyal Joker henchman from "Batman '89". The audience follows Bob as he attends a special therapy group for individuals who all think they are, or were, third tier comic book characters.  


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