Brian Bryan was a friend and mentor to Jean-Paul Valley. Once the self-proclaimed "worst psychiatrist to ever practice the healing arts," the former alcoholic Brian Bryan has found a calling worth starving off his vice; guiding the troubled and very naive Jean-Paul Valley towards an understanding of himself and peace with his damaged psyche. When Brian and Jean-Paul first met they were both lost souls, homeless vagrants, Jean-Paul lost in his insanity and Brian in his drinking. They began their Odyssey together when the homeless shelter they were staying at burned down and Batman made an attempt to restore Jean-Paul's past to him. Before leaving Jean-Paul asked Brian to come with him on his journey Brian having no where else to go accepted his request. It was during this quest that Brian suffered nearly fatal injuries and was resurrected by one of Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pits. When he awoke he was no longer physically dependant on alcohol but still had a psychological addiction to alcohol and decided to overcome it. Brain remained as Jean-Paul's mentor for many years. He was last seen in Azrael #98 where he spoke with Jean-Paul (who he had not seen for quite some time) giving him some final advice shortly thereafter Jean-Paul Was Murdered. Its unknown what became of Brian.