Brutale is a master at throwing knives. He carries all types of blades.



Brutale was a top-level interrogator/torturer for the secret police in the fictional Latin American country of Hasaragua, until a revolution forced him to flee. In his native Hasaragua, Guillermo Barrera served the secret police of his government as a savage interrogator, extracting confessions efficiency with blades and tools used for surgery. When the Marxist regime of Hasaragua fell, Barrera escaped the country to America, fleeing execution for the atrocities he committed. Adopting the name Brutale, Barrera put his 'Surgical Skills' to use as a hired assassin. He eventually began working for Blockbuster II in Blüdhaven while donning a costume that resembles a gargoyle. He battled against Nightwing on several occasions.

Infinite CrisisEdit

Brutale was among the villains that joined Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains.

Salvation RunEdit

Brutale was among the supervillains exiled to another planet. When the Parademons under Desaad's command attacked the camp, Brutale was stabbed by one of them. However, he was seen alive in the new Secret Six mini-series.

Red RobinEdit

He's in a bar attempting to get the owners to pay out to a gang boss. Drake proceeds to take him down with his Escrima sticks.


He is recently seen as a villain against the Blue Beetle. His new boss, La Dama, wants Brutale and his co-workers to stop Blue Beetle from completing his task, by stopping.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Expert Combatant