"Love that Joker!"
―Candy Walker (likely not her voice)[src]

Candy Walker was a Gotham City model. Not much was known about Candy except that she and her fellow model, Amanda Keeler, were killed by The Joker's Smylex.

Candy and Amanda were both first mentioned in a Gotham news report and then their corpses in the Joker's Smylex Commercial. What happened to them after that was unknown.

Batman was later seen studying the deaths of Candy and Amanda, along with the death of Becky Narita and other unnamed Smylex deaths. When Batman realized that Candy had used beauty products in her work, he deduced that a combination of different tainted products had caused the Smylex to activate, and alerted the GCPD in order to prevent any more of the Joker's "mystery Smylex murders".

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Candy may very well have provided one of the voices that spoke "Love that Joker!" in Joker's commercial. Joker's Goons may have hired Candy to record her voice, and then had her killed. However, due to the obvious faking of the commercial, it was obvious that one of the Goons had recorded himself and then superimposed his mouth over Candy's, as Smylex victims could not talk or even move their mouths. The Goons may have also hired an unemployed actress or had Alicia Hunt record the lines "Love that Joker!".