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Capturing Lau in Hong Kong
General Information
Location: Hong Kong
Media: The Dark Knight
Result: The following occur:
  • Lau is captured and returned to Gotham
  • Most of the mob is finally captured
  • The remaining mob bosses that managed to evade the prison system decide to pay the Joker

Capturing Lau is the first time in which Batman had to leave Gotham to capture a criminal.

Events SurroundingEdit

After the Joker's robbery at the Gotham National Bank, Lau took all of the mob's remaining money and relocated it to Hong Kong so that the police would not find it.


Once Lucius Fox gave Bruce Wayne a sonar-device that can lock onto cell phones and emit a visual image of the phone’s surroundings, that night, Batman infiltrates Lau's office, takes out security and escape Hong Kong with Lau by attaching his grapple gun with a plane that would take them back to Gotham.


During the interrogation, Harvey Dent realises that he can charge the entire mob and are given the location for the mob. The police managed to arrest the entire mob, however, a few managed to evade the prison system, including The Chechen and Sal Maroni. Realising the Joker was right, they decide to pay him to kill Batman.

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