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Car Chase Through the Streets of Gotham

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Car Chase Through the Streets of Gotham
General Information
Location: Roads, Gotham City
Media: Batman
Result: The following occur:

"Where are we going ?"
Vicki Vale[src]

Events SurroundingEdit

Though he had rescued Vicki Vale from the clutches of The Joker, Batman had yet to save her from The Joker's Men.

The ChaseEdit

Trying to slow them, The Batman threw a gas bomb into the museum. he then led Vicki to the Batmobile and so, a car chase ensued. giving a show to passing Gothamites. The Batmobile thundered across the road followed fiercely by The Joker's goons. Not looking behind, Batman concentrated on the road and the road only, while the GCPD soon became involved in the chase. The chase soon came to an abrupt halt caused by building plans on the road. The chase continued on foot.

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