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Carmine Falcone
Carmine Falcone (Telltale)
General Information
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Affiliations: Thomas Wayne (Formerly)
Hamilton Hill (Formerly)
Falcone Crime Family
Abilities: Mafia Don
Business Man
Experience Criminal
Portrayed by: Richard McGonagle

Carmine Falcone was a Gotham based criminal and leader of the Falcone crime family.

Biography. Edit

Carmine Falcone was Gotham's most untouchable gangster, building his syndicate up from the ground up. Befriending Thomas Wayne at some point, Carmine would often visit him to have injuries he sustained treated. When he took control of Gotham's organized crime, he would let Thomas deal with his money laundering and "befriended" Mayor Hamilton Hill, to help deal with the politics within the city. With control over the main areas of Gotham, the three became the city's most powerful crime lords, though the Waynes would appear less so than Falcone and Hill. He also may have ad an addiction to Morphine, though managed to kick it forty years before the games events.

The group also collected large amounts of psychogenic chemicals, which they would use to declare people that got in their way insane. With this, they committed many people to Arkham and, using all their resources, took control of what was previously out of reach. Some of the descendants of these people would become members of the Children of Arkham. Carmine would also keep barrels of this chemical in a warehouse in the East End. After the deaths of Thomas and his wife Martha at the hands of one of his hitmen, Falcone began to build up his own businesses as fronts. It's possible that he knew that Hamilton had hired Chill to kill the Waynes, causing some adversity. Falcone would also order his men to place white roses, the organization's symbol, at crime scenes, to let his rivals know that he was responsible and as a fear tactic for the uncorrupted people of Gotham.

Episode One: Realm of ShadowsEdit

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Carmine first appeared at Harvey Dent's fundraiser at Wayne Manor. He and several of his men examined the mansion, with Carmine voicing his interest to buy it. He was greeted by Dent and Bruce Wayne, who he had come to meet. At Alfred Pennyworth's suggestion, the group went to the parlor to discuss their businesses in private. Bruce can also request that Harvey attends the meeting, despite Carmine's protests.

Falcone explained his concerns over Harvey's policies and plans for the city, which Bruce either defends, sides with him on or says that both can be done simultaneously. Carmine continues to explain that he didn't come to talk to him about politics, but to have him join the organization. If Bruce refuses, he tries to explain about Thomas's past dealings with him and the organizations that he runs. Here, the player is given a choice:

Bruce accepts Carmine's offer and he leaves in good spirits. He also decides not to buy the house, commenting that he deserves it.

Bruce either tells him to leave or not to talk about his father in such a way. Falcone, angered leaves, commenting that he's no longer interested in the house, insulting him and saying that "he'll get what's coming to him".

The next evening, Batman assaulted the Skyline Club, hoping to capture Falcone and interrogate him over an incident at the Docks that earlier. After Batman took down six of his own men, Falcone retaliated by opening fire at him, though killed two of his own men in the process. Batman, using his grappling gun, destroyed the floor below him and forced Carmine to flee into his office. Using the security camera feed, he tried to shoot at Batman, only for the system to be disrupted by an EMP mine and the vigilante to successfully break into the room. After a further scuffle, he activated a mini-gun he had hidden, though it and the outside wall were destroyed by one of the Dark Knight's drones. Batman demanded Falcone told him about the Docks and chemicals, only for the crime lord to state that he owned the building and the chemicals, though had nothing to do with the incident that when on there. Here, the player has an option on what to do with Falcone.

Batman places Falcone in bonds and hangs him from the window. Demanding that he talks, Carmine reveals that the Wayne family did have ties to him and his organization, before being left for the cops by the vigilante.

Batman impales Falcone on one of the metal rods dislodged in the explosion. Demanding that he talks, Carmine reveals that the Wayne family did have ties to him and his organization. He is later taken off the rod and arrested by the GCPD after Batman leaves.

Episode Two: Children of ArkhamEdit

Following his arrest, Falcone was placed into medical care by the officers. Suspecting Falcone to have had a hand in his parent's murder, Bruce decided to talk to him and learn the reasons why they were executed. Due to evidence he handed over to Vicki Vale or Lt. James Gordon depending on the players' decision, no one was allowed to visit him, including Carmine's wife. However, using all political ties they could muster, Bruce and Harvey managed to buy some time for the former to spend in his company.

Carmine was surprised to see Bruce had come to see him and confirmed his father's affiliation with him and the organization. He continued to explain that he, Thomas and Hamilton had run the city and that he considered the Waynes as family. However, before he could explain the predicament, he asked Bruce to reduce the pain he was in with some morphine. The player then has the option to give it to him or cause more pain.

Bruce gives Carmine a small dose of Morphine, reducing the pain. Carmine asks what Bruce is and thanks him for the act, commenting that the act reminds him of Martha Wayne.

Bruce strangles Falcone, demanding that he tells him the truth. When he finishes, Falcone comments that this behavior is the reason why he was kept in the dark. He also states that it reminds him of Thomas, due to the ruthlessness, though states it is the reason why he, Hill and Bruce have their current wealth.

When Bruce finally asks about his parents deaths, Carmine reveals that he had no part in Thomas and Martha's assassination. When he asks who did, Carmine comments that Gotham doesn't have some of the most trustworthy people, especially friends. However, before he could tell Bruce more, he was gunned down by a cop.


Falcone's death caused massive controversy about the GCPD and a massive power vacuum within Gotham's underworld. This also gave the Children of Arkham, the group that had organized his death, a large amount of confidence as they would begin regular attacks upon Gotham and its supposedly corrupted, most notably Hamilton Hill and Bruce Wayne. Alfred Pennyworth would also recount Falcone's death as ironic as he was killed by the very chemical he used in his operations.



Thomas & Martha Wayne: Edit

Falcone and Tommy, as the former seems to call him were partners in crime, working with Mayor Hamilton Hill to secure three important spots in controlling Gotham City. Falcone may have been around to take the fall for Wayne and Hill, as he was the only person who's criminal background was known by the public. Before he was murdered, Thomas believed that Falcone had hired Joe Chill to take the hit. Falcone may have had an affair with Martha Wayne, due to him saying she "had the human touch" and how he "only had good things to say about her".

Hamilton HillEdit

Bruce Wayne/BatmanEdit


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