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Catwomen tries to steal a golden fleece from Queen Bess. It is a national treasure and they will pay a fortune to get it back. Catwoman hides in a woman's dressing room which Batman and Robin cannot enter, so Batgirl enters. However she is gassed by Catwoman. When she comes to her hands and feet are bound together. There are two henchman with her. She insults Catwoman. Catwoman orders one of her henchman to gag Batgirl. Catwoman then straps her to a table and activates a buzzsaw to cut her apart. She calls Batman and Robin about it, hoping they will be delayed and unable to stop her. However they tell Alfred, but tell him to disguise himself so Batgirl does not realise their identities. He disguises himself as a hippy and stops the buzzsaw. He ungags her then unstraps her. He claims to be the Janitor around there, saying if she was sawn in half he would have had to clean up the mess. Catwoman has gassed Bess and put on the coat. However the Titanic Trio succeed in defeating her and freeing Bess.

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