"Bats are just mice with wings, little girl."

Catwoman was an arch-nemesis and lover of Batman.


Rich, glamorous and stunningly beautiful, Selina Kyle is a former socialite who became the notorious burglar called the Catwoman. Lured by the thrill of the hunt, she steals rare and beautiful objects with feline names or designs. Catwoman also enjoys a special bond with real cats, and all felines, tame or wild, instinctively trust her. With her catlike reflexes and cat-o-nine-tails, she is a formidable opponent who is nearly a match for Batman. Realizing Batman now has a team of allies, Catwoman assembles a female feline gang of her own to bedevil them.

Selina Kyle has always had a thing for cats. She is a sophisticated, yet vengeful woman who is both as beautiful as she is deadly. Selina Kyle is a strong animal rights activist. However, as Catwoman she often takes matters into her own hands. This brings her into conflict with Batman. Catwoman has a somewhat different relationship with Batman than the rest of his rogues gallery. She is attracted to Batman and he shares that attraction in return. However, the law separates the two from anything more. It should be noted that while Catwoman and Batman have had their encounters, so have Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne.

Catwoman has a thing for Batman, and while he hates to admit it, Batman is drawn to her "animal" magnetism. Even though they operate on opposite sides of the law, there is an undeniable attraction between them. Catwoman is not all bad, however. She has a love for felines and a desire to protect animals at all costs. Of course, her methods often involve theft and destruction. Despite her criminal nature, Catwoman is a sophisticated beauty; it's no wonder Batman finds her alluring. As her alter ego, Selina Kyle, Catwoman has even had the pleasure of dating millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.


Catwoman looting a vault.

Catwoman also had an attraction to Nightwing in "The New Batman Adventures" when they teamed up in the episode "You Scratch My Back," which he seemed to return, but after learning that she planned to double cross him, he didn't show any affection towards Catwoman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Compared to Batman, Catwoman has had almost no experience when it came to martial arts training and was largely self-taught throughout her entire life. As a cat burglar, she is much more accustomed to using her unrivaled stealth and prefers to avoid confrontation all together. Despite her inexperience, however, she is an extremely formidable opponent, able to take on dozens of armed thugs and defeat then with little to no effort at all. She is also one of the very few people in the series to be on par with Batman's level of skill, even though he has been trained in almost every martial arts known to man. Catwoman might even be a more superior fighter to Batman as, due to her playful and deceiving nature, she never takes her opponents seriously.

Catwoman has been shown to easily trounce Batgirl, who is somewhat comparable to the Batman himself. Not only is Catwoman a far stronger and faster combatant, but is far more intelligent as well as better detective skills.

  • Exceptional martial artist, gymnast,and spectacular athlete/acrobat.

Equipment and TechnologyEdit

  • Catwoman owns a two pets, Isis and lilly, who helps her on her various adventures.
  • She also posseses gloves with razor sharp claws on the tips of the fingers, and a bullwhip..


Batman: The Animated SeriesEdit

The New Batman AdventuresEdit

Gotham GirlsEdit

  • "Lap Bat"
  • "More Than One Way"
  • "Precious Birthstones"
  • "The Three Babes"
  • "Lady X"
  • "Hold That Tiger"
  • "Miss Un-Congeniality"
  • "Cat -n- Mouse -n- Cat -n- Mouse -n-"
  • "Bat'ing Cleanup"
  • "Cat Sitter"
  • "Gotham Noir"
  • "Ms.-ing in Action"
  • "Gotham in Pink"
  • "Gotham in Blue"
  • "A Cat in the Hand"
  • "Jailhouse Wreck"
  • "Honor Among Thieves"
  • "No, I'm Batgirl!"
  • "Signal Fires"
  • "Cold Hands, Cold Heart"

Batman BeyondEdit

Justice League UnlimitedEdit

  • "Epilogue" (Mentioned only)

Other AppearancesEdit

This version of the character appears as an alternate skin for Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City. She was also a villain featured in various versions of The Adventures of Batman & Robin: The Video Game.


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