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Catwoman Eartha Kitt
General Information
Real name: Selina Kyle
Aliases: Queen of Criminals
Princess of Plunder
Portrayed by: Eartha Kitt
Appearances: Batman (1960s series)

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Catwoman was an arch-nemesis of Batman.


Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Hair-raising bomb - Destroys the hairdos of any women in the area.
  • Kitty Car - A green vehicle made to look like a cat.
  • Cat Lily perfume - Not known to have any criminal uses, but probably smells nice.
  • Cat's whiskers - Thin ropes used to tie someone up, they contract when in contact with body heat.

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Manx and Angora (portrayed by James Griffith and Dirk Evans) - Catwoman's henchmen and amateur fasion critics.
  • Joker - Joker teamed up with Catwoman and helped her find a cache of gunpowder hidden for a hundred years.
  • Giggler and Laugher (portrayed by Sandy Kevin and Bobby Hall) - Catwoman's henchmen, both were looking forward very much to working with Joker.
  • Lucky Pierre (portrayed by Pierre Salinger) - Catwoman's attorney who presented her and Joker's case. He wore a lucky wishbone in his hat and claimed he never lost a case. But after it was revealed that he and Catwoman rigged the jury, he lost his first case, thus he destroyed his lucky wishbone and stormed out.
  • Marvin the Moose and Dave the Dummy - They worked with Catwoman in the past. Lucky Pierre disguised them and put them on the jury in Batman's case against her.

Known HideoutsEdit

  • 32 Pussyfoot Road, in the heart of Gotham City's garment center
  • The Hotel Sleazy, across the street from Police Headquarters
  • The Grimalkin Novelty Company


Season 3

Behind the scenesEdit



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