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Catwoman (Telltale)
General Information
Real name: Selina Kyle
First Appearance: Batman: The Telltale Series
Created by: Telltale
Affiliations: Harvey Dent (formerly)
Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin (formerly)
Bruce Wayne/Batman (possible romantic interest)
Abilities: Highly intelligent
Skilled fighter
Skilled thief
Portrayed by: Laura Bailey (voice)

Catwoman is a masked thief for hire and a possible love interest to Bruce Wayne/Batman. Her public identity is Selina Kyle.


Not much is known about Selina Kyle before she became the Catwoman. She had operated in various different cities and was often hired anonymously by her clients. Shortly before the events of the game, she was hired by an client to break into Gotham City Hall and steal a data drive from the Mayor's office. She would then have to hand over it at a warehouse rendezvous point, where she had to show the client's men where the owner's of the warehouse held an "item of interest". It is possible that Selina met District Attorney Harvey Dent before the events of the game and may have entered a brief relationship with him. However, she hid the fact that she was a thief from him.

Episode One: Realm of ShadowsEdit

NOTICE: The events described impacted by the player's decisions. This is only a brief summary of the events that take place. Decisions made and their impacts will be show either in italics if a single decision affects the subject of the article or tabs if both decisions affect it.

Batman first encountered Catwoman whilst he fought an attempted robbery in City Hall, first seeing her break into the mayor's safe. She stole the drive containing information about the Falcone criminal empire and escaped to the rooftops. However, upon arrival, she discovered Batman had already beaten her there. When he tried to get her to hand over what she's stolen, Catwoman refused and entered a fight with the vigilante. During it, Batman bruised her eye and she scratched his right cheek. After he successfully took the stolen drive away from her, Batman was shot by a cop. This gave Catwoman the opportunity to escape, though she was hit by one of his EMP mines before she can get to safety, causing her to fall. Batman caught her, though she escaped by stealing his grappling gun and using it to hitch a ride on a nearby monorail.

At some point the next day, she met up with Harvey, who showed her around Gotham. She excused her bruised eye as an injury from a mugging and met a number of people in Gotham, none of whom she took interest in. She and Harvey later arranged to meet up at the Café Triste, where the two would have drinks.

Upon arrival, she met Gotham Billionaire Bruce Wayne, who she recognized as Batman upon seeing the scratches she left on his right cheek. Whilst they conversed, she tried to cover up her knowledge of Bruce, even mentioning the "mugging" to him as if he didn't know. After Harvey left to arrange damage control for the recent accusations of the Wayne family's ties to Carmine Falcone, she and Bruce finally talked, both aware of the other's identity.

She wondered why Bruce committed his actions as Batman, especially with how wealthy he was, and wondered how Harvey had not found out yet. However, Selina promised not to reveal his secret in the café, for the time being. She demanded that Bruce gave back the drive, so that she wouldn't suffer dire consequences. Bruce refused, but offered to track down Selina's employers to reduce the consequences. Seeing that she would be "screwed" anyway, she gave him the address that she was meant to meet up with them. As he left, she reminded him to change his suit.

Episode Two: Children of ArkhamEdit

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Episode Three: New World OrderEdit

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Episode Four: Guardian of GothamEdit

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Catwoman's character can change, depending on the decisions the player makes.


Catwoman SuitEdit




Bruce Wayne/BatmanEdit

Selina's relationship with Batman can be determined by the player. However, when the first meet, they were antagonistic towards each other, as he interfered with one of "her jobs". Upon discovering that he was Bruce Wayne, she showed interest in his motivations for putting on the suit. However, seeing that he was main reason why she had not collected the drive from the Mayor's office, she would still act loathing towards him. However, after he helped fight off a group of Penguin thugs, their relationship improved significantly, to the point where she helped free hostages at the Monarch Theater.

Later, after they encounter each other at one of Gotham's Sky Train depots, Selina saves Bruce's life and takes him to her apartment to recover. She can attempt to seduce him and, should the player choose to, their relationship can turn romantic. However, this will damage both of their relationships with Harvey Dent. Selina will also most likely move in with Bruce if the player was good to her throughout the game and if the player invited her to stay at Wayne manor.

Harvey DentEdit

Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot/PenguinEdit

Penguin anonymously hired Selina to steal information of Falcone's activities from the Mayor's office and to show Children of Arkham mercenaries the containment's for the psychogenic chemical that drove his mother and others insane. However, after she failed to retrieve the data and to turn up at the rendezvous point, their working relationship fell apart, prompting Oswald to place a bounty on her head. If Selina had known he had hired her, she may have never agreed, as she was fully aware of "the Penguin's" activities in the UK.

The Children of ArkhamEdit


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