"Fire In The Sky"Edit

Bruce Wayne has returned to reclaim the mantle of the bat from Jean-Paul Valley. Catwoman questions one of Selkirk's armored goons about the latter and the cybernetic neural enabler, but is ambushed by armed guards. She quickly takes them out but gets knocked out by another armored goon. Selkirk decides to keep her alive to question her about what she knows and who else knows his business.

At the same time, Jean-Paul is on his way to Selkirk's, convinced he is in league with LeHah. Selkirk has Catwoman brought up to his penthouse, while he speaks to one of his associates on the phone in the parking garage. Catwoman easily escapes Selkirk's thugs, while Jean-Paul makes a loud entrance in the parking garage. Selkirk makes his way to the penthouse to make an escape by helicopter, but Catwoman cuts him off at the pass. She has Selkirk right where she wants him when Jean-Paul throws her aside. He asks Selkirk about LeHah, but Selkirk says he's dead. Not a good enough answer Jean-Paul attempts to kill one of Selkirk's guards. He is stopped in his tracks by Bruce Wayne in his Batman garb, Nightwing, and, Robin.


"Fire In The Sky"Edit




"Fire In The Sky"Edit