"More Edge, More Heart"Edit

Eccentric movie producer Carl Weinberg hires Catwoman to steal a script for rival Matt Achenback’s new action film They Lurk Below. Achenback has been very secretive about his new blockbuster and even the cast doesn’t know what is going to happen from scene to scene until the day of shooting.

Catwoman accepts the job and flies to the remote island of San Remos – the location set for They Lurk Below. Concealing herself in camouflage, she stalks about the set, watching Achenback directing his team. Later, she spies on Matt in his bungalow as he holds a meeting with producer Aram Akkadi.

That night, a tremendous hurricane blows through San Remos. Catwoman is caught up in the middle of it, and finds two children trapped within the confines of one of the sets. Selina rushes into the "Gates of Doom" and pulls the children free just as the structure collapses. Then, from out of the jungle, a gigantic creature emerges and attacks them. One of the children screams, "It's the Lurker!", and it bears a close resemblance to the creature that is to be featured in They Lurk Below.


"More Edge, More Heart"Edit