"Family Ties Part 3: Vengeance and Vindication"Edit

The full extent of what has been going on in Gotham's crime families becomes clear. Hilary Hellman had allied herself with Paulo and Eduardo Marquez to kill both of their fathers - Bryce Hellman was killed, but Hector Marquez was not. Now everyone is at war with all the other parties. Paulo and Eduardo Marquez shoot each other as they and Hilary plan to divide some cash, whereupon Hector reveals that he was Bryce Hellman's brother, and he had desperately hoped for a reconciliation of the two families. He is forced to kill Hilary, discarding the dagger which got Catwoman involved in the first place. He then blows up his mansion, but may not have been inside it at the time.


"Family Ties Part 3: Vengeance and Vindication"Edit