"Flesh and Fire"Edit

Catwoman, Robin and Azrael get Kendall Stuart, survivor of the Clench, away from the mercenary Tracker, but Robin and Stuart then have to deal with a gang of gunmen, who eventually succeed in shooting their quarry. Before he dies, Kendall Stuart tells Robin that there were two other survivors of the previous outbreak. Robin takes a sample of his blood and returns to Gotham, while Catwoman and Azrael set off to find the other survivors, using Tracker's car to do so. Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Batman calls in Nightwing and Montoya discovers that Johnny has died of the Clench.


"Flesh and Fire"Edit





  • This story is continued from Robin #27.
  • This story is continued in Azrael #15.
  • On the cover, this issue is identified as part 5 of the Contagion cross-over. That is a misprint. It is actually part 4.