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"Fever Pitch"
General Information
Series: Catwoman
Issue Number: 32
First Published: April 1996
Previous Issue: Catwoman #31
Next Issue: Catwoman #33


"Fever Pitch"Edit

Using the information provided by Oracle, Catwoman tracks down the last survivor of the last Clench outbreak, Leonare We, an Innuit living in Miami. She rescues Leonare from a gang of drug dealers who have a grudge against her boyfriend, and brings her back to Gotham, encountering Tracker on the way. However, she soon learns from Batman what he already knew - the blood of Clench survivors is no good as an antidote, and Gotham seems to be doomed.


"Fever Pitch"Edit





  • This story is continued from Detective Comics #696.
  • This story is continued in Azrael #16.

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