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"Cat Fights"
General Information
Series: Catwoman
Issue Number: 44
First Published: April 1997
Previous Issue: Catwoman #43
Next Issue: Catwoman #45


"Cat Fights"Edit

At this point in time, Catwoman was attempting to steal scrolls for a buyer that she calls Zee. She is then sent back to the same place to apprehend "The Widget", a computer code device. As Selina re-enters the lab, she finds Cassandra, or at this point She-Cat, with the Widget in her possession. As She-Cat enjoys her moment of glory, Catwoman's whip wraps around her, Selina knows it's the "copy cat", the one that is responsible for the museum robberies. They then start a "cat fight", literally. As their going at it, they're fight is cut short by a guard. The two felines decide to hold off on their fight until they make it to the exit. But before the fighting ended, Selina realized that the woman known as She-Cat, was quite familiar.


"Cat Fights"Edit



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