"Trapped in the Web of Morella"
General Information
Series: Catwoman
Issue Number: 48
First Published: August 1997
Previous Issue: Catwoman #47
Next Issue: Catwoman #49


"Trapped in the Web of Morella"Edit

Catwoman is sent on another job, sent by Zee, to try to receive a package by unknown person. However, Catwoman is not only played, but she is kidnapped by a secret group called S.P.I.D.E.R. Enticed by their offer of thievery, she wants to stay in her hometown, but she no longer is able to leave.


"Trapped in the Web of Morella"Edit


  • Catwoman
  • Morella (First Appearance)
  • Spider (First Appearance)
  • Widow (First Appearance)


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